Caretaker Committee More Interested in Reconciliation Than Tenure Elongation.-Yekini Nabena

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Yekini Nabena has stated that the Caretaker Committee led by Mai Mala Buni is more interested in reconciling the party than in tenure elongation

Nabena stated this in an exclusive interview with where he pointed out that the Caretaker Committee was more interested in ensuring total reconciliation within the party while it had also been spearheading campaigns in both Edo and Ondo States. Nabena pointed that with the level of crisis that was met by the Caretaker Committee there could be no doubting that there was not enough time for the committee to meet the mandate of total reconciliation.

When asked if an extension would not fuel further crisis for the party, Nabena stated that what the Caretaker Committee was primarily concerned with was to ensure party unity in order for the party to make great impact in 2023. He said that even if the convention and congresses were held today, there would still be issues that would prop up and spell doom for the party this it was important for the Caretaker Committee to push for genuine reconciliation that would ensure a win-win situation from the grassroots to the national levels.

Nabena also spoke on President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance so far describing the Change and Next level agendas of the APC led administrations as unprecedented, citing the infrastructural renewal and drive witnessed presently, the agricultural revolution, the war on terrorism as well as the war against corruption.

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